About ZOZO

Be unique. Be equal.

At ZOZO, we believe that clothing should start with you, not a size

Our founder Yusaku Maezawa became consumed with improving the fashion industry’s sizing problem after building Japan’s largest fashion commerce destination, ZOZO.jp. Committed to finding a solution that would benefit as many people around the world as possible, Maezawa began development on the ZOZOSUIT and a line of affordable, size-free clothing for men and women.

While all people are created equal, every individual body is unique. Yet, in today’s increasingly personalized world, the experience of buying clothing is still extremely generic. The traditional sizing system is broken. It creates unnecessary labels: Petite, Curvy, Tall, Plus. It implies we’re always too something: too short, too tall, too round, too thin, too broad, too straight... It suggests that if we don’t fit, we are to blame.

At ZOZO, we love shapes not sizes. So, we’ve been rethinking how clothing is made.

Welcome to a size-free world. Here, we create clothing patterns using real people in dozens of diverse shapes and sizes. We then use our revolutionary ZOZO measurement system along with proprietary algorithms to capture your precise measurements and to make you custom-fit clothing that feels tailor-made.

“ZOZO was created to be adaptable to each and every person. You don’t have to adapt to ZOZO. ZOZO adapts to you. People are unique, but they also want to be treated and accepted as equal. This concept is reflected in the ZOZO logo. The circle, square and triangles are all different colors and shapes, yet they have the same surface area. They are all unique but still equal.” - Yusaku Maezawa, ZOZO founder

Today, ZOZO includes a growing collection of apparel that is available in 72 countries and territories around the world. Thanks to ZOZO’s innovations in technology and apparel production, we are creating the world’s first clothing line powered by you.

There is power in great fit. And great fit starts with you.